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Chips & Salsa


Choice of 2 flavors.



Crazy Lime Queso Mild



Crazy Lime Queso Mild



Three units of churros with cinnamon-sugar.

Crazy Lime Steak Street Tacos


Three units of Street Tacos filled with Carne Asada.

Crazy Lime Chicken Street Tacos


Three units of Street Tacos filled with a lime-seasoned chicken.


Good for children
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Google Reviews

27 Reviews

Anne Gutendorf Hendricks

17 December 2022

17 December


T.J. came to our school for our winter Program and I had the best chicken street tacos. The green salsa was really fresh and delicious! Yum!

Harlow Fitzer

16 December 2022

16 December


I cleaned my teachers classroom and she gave me this salsa, it’s so good I’m eating it rn.

What My Customers Say

Great Salsa ordering

Michael Feilen

I was given a jar from someone I work with. My husband and I love it! She gave us the mild and I just ordered 2 mild jalapeno and 2 medium habanero. So, free shipping! So glad she introduced us ...

Beth Randall

I absolutely love Crazy Lime Salsa! I tend to be, shall we say, a selective person, and this salsa has an amazing balance of flavor. I only wish I could find it in my local Sprouts, Fry's, or ...

K. MacVean